At some point in your life you’re going to have to deal with a hospital bill. If you’re lucky it’ll be for an outpatient service like lab work or an x-ray instead of needing surgery or being an inpatient.

Hopefully you’ll have insurance to take care of the bulk of the bill, no matter what it is. Whether you do or not, there are some options you have that can help you pay your bill and possibly even get it taken care of without any out of pocket money. You have to be willing to work with the people at the hospital, and you might have to do a few uncomfortable things, but it can help to relieve some of the tension associated with health care costs.
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When you’re trying to figure out where your money’s going, your first step should be to create a budget. However, setting a budget is only one piece of the puzzle.


The strange problems with a budget is that if you have money left over, you tend to spend it indiscriminately. Suddenly you’re not only wondering where your money went but you’re looking at your budget and worried if you still have the money you thought you had to pay all your bills.
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I have to admit something; I never wanted a house. I’d lived in apartments or townhome like structures most of my life, and I was content with that type of living. True, I never had a garage, and often I’d lose my parking spot, but if anything broke all I had to do was call someone and they’d make sure it got fixed.

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Then I got married, and at some point my wife said “we should get a house”; I think her friends put her up to it. Thus, we went on a quest to find a house, and I put a lot of money away with the intention of being able to put down a nice downpayment and still have some money leftover to address whatever issues were coming with the house. That part worked out well; we found the house we wanted in the neighborhood we wanted and, for the most part, all’s been well, There are still some issues we have to address after all these years but we’re getting there.
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I remember when I started working for myself many years ago that I went into it thinking I was going to need the same office supplies that I had in my office at the job. I purchased, in volume, things such as pens and pencils, staples, notepads, and paper clips, along with a lot of […]

Some years ago I wrote a post talking about grocery shopper’s cards and the great savings you can get from them. Even though I’m not someone with a pattern of going to lots of different stores for groceries, since I literally share a backyard with one, I have found not only great deals here and […]

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