At the present time I’m trying to sell my mother’s house, since she’s moved in with us. Even in a seller’s market, we seem to be having some difficulties getting a lot of attention for it. There are some things my wife and I have done that, in retrospect, might not have been the best things, while we’ve also “not” done some things that are perfectly legit.

It’s a scary proposition selling a home, even more than buying one. When you’re trying to buy a house, you don’t have any investment until you sign the papers. When you’re selling a house, you still have bills to pay regarding it, even if time isn’t of the essence. With that said, there are 5 specific things you shouldn’t do when trying to sell a house… in my opinion of course.
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There’s nobody left who doesn’t believe solar energy is a good thing for the environment. The main problem is that the cost of solar, even with tax incentives, is still too costly for the overwhelming majority of the population. It turns out that there may be a way to bring those costs down.

solar panels

The concept of solar neighborhoods isn’t new, but it’s not something that’s pervasive either. The basic principle is that multiple households within a neighborhood to get together and decide to purchase solar panels and services as a group. This allows a discount because of volume buying, and offers a lot of other opportunities as well.
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On this blog we’ve addressed the topic of home warranties a couple of times, with the other post talking about the pros and cons of having one. We’ve never addressed warranties in general until now.

Mack Camera, A Good Place for a Camera Warranty
Thomas Hawk via Compfight

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, a warranty, often called an extended warranty, offers you the opportunity to pay for some kind of extended protection on products you buy. It can be something as relative inexpensive as a $15 speaker or as expensive as a car. Sometimes you can get it directly through wherever you purchased your item while at other times you’ll have to pay for it independently.
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At some point in your life you’re going to have to deal with a hospital bill. If you’re lucky it’ll be for an outpatient service like lab work or an x-ray instead of needing surgery or being an inpatient. Hopefully you’ll have insurance to take care of the bulk of the bill, no matter what […]

When you’re trying to figure out where your money’s going, your first step should be to create a budget. However, setting a budget is only one piece of the puzzle. The strange problems with a budget is that if you have money left over, you tend to spend it indiscriminately. Suddenly you’re not only wondering […]

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