CNN Money came out with a list of their top 10 predicted foreclosure hot spots for 2010. Let’s take a quick look at the cities:

Boise, ID

Provo, UT

Portland, OR

Green Bay, WI

Birmingham, AL

Myrtle Beach, SC

Honolulu, HI

Roanoke, VA

Sioux Falls, SD

Gulfport – Buloxi, MS

The strange and scary thing about this list is that only three of the cities above have high unemployment rates, those being Boise at 10.1%, Portland at 10.8%, and Myrtle Beach at 13.3%. Sioux Falls is only at 4.9%, though that’s up from 2.9% at the beginning of 2009, and Provo is sitting at 5.5%. Even Honolulu is only at 5.9%.

What the figures are based on is a comparison to older data which shows an increase of around 100% or more for each of these areas. They’re not looking at the areas that have been slashed and burned and continue to be, such as Las Vegas, which still leads the nation in foreclosures. Instead, they’re looking at data which suggests that across the United States the default rate on mortgages is steadily increasing, no matter the factors, and therefore these cities that actually have had low numbers in foreclosures, for the most part, might start experiencing some of the same types of problems that larger cities have been dealing with.

Bad housing deals all around, it seems; and the banking industry doesn’t believe it needs an overhaul.