I started a theme on a different blog yesterday that I thought I’d carry over to this blog today. The basic idea is to write a relatively short post that should be able to be read in 2 minutes by anyone, giving tips of some kind. In this case I’m going to give you 10 finance tips that I believe you should follow, without all the detail behind them, to have a better financial life. Without further ado, here we go.

by 401K via Flickr

1. Budget your money so you know where and how you’re spending it.

2. Put something away every time you get paid, even if it’s only $10.

3. Learn how to be a better comparison shopper, especially in grocery stores where they give you all the information you need to be a more informed shopper.

4. But life insurance, and make sure it’s whole life. Work up to larger amounts to get used to it if you have to, and start young, while you have no physical problems, as it’ll cost you less.

5. Don’t be a spontaneous buyer unless what you’re buying costs only a few dollars or less. Anything substantial, think about it for awhile first.

6. You need health insurance, whether you have issues or not. When you do have issues, you’ll find out just how much everything costs and wish you had it.

7. Never get suckered into buying anything beyond your means. That includes housing, cars, clothes, technology,… everything.

8. Unless everyone you know is superficial, no one is going to care whether you bought the latest designer outfit or something at Sears as long as it looks good.

9. Use money as often as you can instead of credit cards. It makes you think about your spending more.

10. Always pay your bills on time; all it takes is missing it once to throw off your credit rating.

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