Every blog and news source in the world will probably be doing some kind of compilation post for the end of the year. This blog is no different. There were 196 posts in this blog in 2012, not including this one. We covered a lot of different topics, some more times than others. Some of the topics were pertinent to this year only, while others will have lifetime knowledge that readers can benefit from.

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Below is a compilation of the top 10 important posts on this blog for 2012. The funny thing is that only one of the posts listed here was in the top 10 most visited posts of the year, and I’m proud to say it’s a post I wrote and not one of the guest posts, as it was last year. I’ll indicate it when I get to it. Let’s get started:

What Should You Look For In A Financial Advisor? – There are a lot of financial advisors out there. So many have nice things to say to us, but not all of them take enough time to get to know us and really tell us what we need to know. It’s our fault for not asking the right questions as well; this article teaches us how to do that properly.

Why The Elimination Of Pre-Existing Conditions Rules Are Financially Important – This post on health insurance talks about one of the major positives of the new health care bill, a piece that’s already been put into practice.

5 Reasons You Need To Start Budgeting Your Money – Even without an economy that’s improving, we have to hope that we’ve all learned some lessons when it went bad about how to handle our money. Budgeting really is the way to go.

Everyone Wants Your Money – Don’t Fall For Scams – Just a week ago I heard from someone that her son got caught up in a scam where he cashed a check and sent money to someone he didn’t know. If it seems too easy, it’s probably a scam; check this one out.

Life Insurance: Term vs. Whole, Which One Works for You? – Many people buy life insurance but don’t know why one is better than the other; this article will help.

Are Credit Card Balance Transfers Still Worth the Effort? – Late last year credit card offers started showing up in people’s mailboxes again, and with that the question of balance transfers began again. Good information in this particular article to consider.

My Negative Position On Payday Loans – This is the only article written in 2012 that made the top 10 most read articles of the year. I think this type of thing preys on people who can’t afford it and wrote that very thing.

10 Finance Tips In 2 Minutes – If you don’t have a lot of time and want some quick tips on managing finances, this is for you.

4 Financial Implications Of The Health Care Bill – The health care bill is a reality, and it’s going to impact the insurance industry and health care coverage in ways that most people don’t know about unless they read this article.

Is This The Best Time To Buy A Home? – In 2012 the housing industry started showing signs of recovery and that’s a good thing. But it still begs the question as to whether it’s the best time to think about buying a home; that’s what this article addressed.

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