It is possible to save money and still have lots of fun. If you are competitive you could make it into a game. Try to see how much you can save. When in doubt, ask your self do I really need this right now? Here are ten ways to save money that probably won’t have a negative impact on your quality of life unless you’re a diva.


1. Relocate

Downsize to cheaper housing or move to equivalent housing in a different location. Relocation can possibly save you money on housing, transportation and taxes, as well as reduce stress and increase quality of life.

2. Reduce or refinance debt

Refinance or consolidate your debts to get a better interest rate. Negotiate a better rate and then use the savings to pay off the debt as quickly as possible.

3. Transportation

Buy a dependable used car, pay cash, and drive it until maintenance costs become prohibitive. Depending on your lifestyle needs, there are solutions that will save you money.

4. Utility costs

Reduce electric bills by adjusting the thermostat and being generally conscientious about energy usage. Find the plan for phone, cellular and internet service that meets your needs for the best price.

5. Revolving payments

Examine all monthly payments and ruthlessly eliminate as many monthly charges as possible. Get rid of any payments that do not substantially contribute to your quality of life.

6. Buy in bulk

Identify commonly used items with a long shelf life, buy them in bulk for a reduced price and store them in your home. Good candidates are basic foodstuffs, spices, cleaning supplies and toiletries.

7. Buy used

Anyone with a credit card can open an account on E-Bay and buy used items at a fraction of the price of new. Locally, Craigslist is another great option for deals. Many items can be purchased used and provide a high level of satisfaction.

8. Buy online

Search online to find the best deals for new, used or bulk-purchase items. Online shopping offers the best price on many items even after factoring in the cost of shipping. Purchasing online in bulk and paying with a credit card can often save money even after paying the credit card fees and interest.

9. Cardholder discounts

Always check online for Cardholder discount information related to planned purchases. It is possible to achieve enormous savings by tailoring your purchases to merchants with discounts related to your credit cards for the products you desire.

10. Eat at home

Eat healthier and cheaper by cooking more meals at home. Get to know your family again and save money doing so.

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