Ebay is one of the biggest names when it comes to worldwide, internet-net based marketing. Millions of people just go there to buy and sell stuff, all kinds of stuff. But people who go there to sell do not always get the same results. Some bag in millions while some lose money by not being able to sell their stuff. It takes a lot of experience to become a top eBay seller. But you can take the shortcut by reading these tips.

1. If you have it, sell it

Many novices go out to buy stuff that they will re-sell on eBay. The problem is, they could end up not selling the things that they have bought. Those hundreds of dollars they paid for their stuff and the money paid for eBay listing go down the drain.

The best thing you could do is look around for something that is just sitting in your house. The vacuum cleaner at the corner or those textbooks under your bed can be a start. List what you can sell, post them, then learn from trial and error what sells and what does not.

2. Make your item look good

Take a nice photo of your item. Make the photo clear and in good resolution. Do not post a photo that lacks light, or shoot your item against a distract background. Internet shoppers can easily click away, considering that they still have many options out there. But be ethical enough to post the photo of the actual item.

3. Describe it nicely and truthfully

eBay requires sellers to post a product description. This is your chance to convince your potential buyer how great your product is. Write as much information as you have in a manner that persuades buyers.

Consider including the following if they apply: size/weight, manufacturing date, manufacturer, etc. Put some nice copywriting touch into it. If being a copywriter is not in your vein, just go write an honest description. Including relevant details like scratches as it shows honesty on your part. Everybody loves a seller with integrity.

4. Offer good customer service

Give potential sellers your email or cell phone number. Be responsive to their queries. In your listing, include terms like payment and refund policies. In event of any conflict, try to settle it amicably.

5. Stack it like a librarian

Be sure to place your item in a detailed category listing. If you are selling a nice, slightly used tire, do not just dump it in the “motors” category. Place it at the parts category and then the tire center. Be detailed so buyers can easily find you.

6. Canvas for the best starting price

Check out similar items on eBay and how much they sell it for. Do not go too high or too low, else, it is disaster for you.

7. Let them “buy it now”

Use the “buy it now” button. It allows a buyer to purchase a product right away before anyone can bid on it. It offers more money for you since “buy it now” items are sold higher than auctioned ones.

8. Make reciprocal feedbacks work for you

Provide a good feedback on the buyer after purchasing from you. Also, request for a feedback from them to boost your reputation. If you have time, leave them a “thank you” message. They will appreciate it.

9. Choose the right time to end your auction

Pick the best time to end your auction. There are many ‘snippers’ on eBay (members who wait until the end-time of the auction before bidding). You will not get any of them if you end your auction at 5:00am because they are probably still asleep that time. 8:00pm is a good time to catch them.

10. Package it nicely and ship away

Do not delay in shipping your product. If the buyer has any request on the packaging, then grant him/her the favor. Also, pay attention to how the buyer wants the item to be sent (air or ground, first class or second).

Michael Scottsdale is a financial advisor and currently works as a consultant for small businesses. When he’s not writing for Cash for Gold Jewelry, he could be found blogging about simple tips on how people could take advantage of the internet’s numerous business opportunities.

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