So you think the economy has been rough over the last few years, eh? So you’re worried about the health care bill, unemployment, and the stock market? So what?

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I tend to believe that there have always been issues with money throughout history. I’m not a biblical person, but didn’t Jesus utter the phrase “there will be poor always?”

Life isn’t easy; otherwise, science would be figuring out a way to keep us all alive forever and not spending money on anything else. It’s time we worked on changing our mindsets, pushing through the challenges and problems, perceived or not, and concentrate on, well, better ways to think about money. I’m here for you with these 10 ways of changing how you think about money:

1. Money is not evil. There a lot of people thinking this, and if it’s you stop. After all, why would you want people to perceive you as being evil?

2. You need money to survive. Let me ask you a question; how good do you feel if the best you can do is survive?

3. I have to take any old job to make money. That’s not quite true, as you can always find something better than what might be presented your way. Even if it is, nothing says you have to stay there.

4. Everyone else has it easy when it comes to money. First, that’s not true, and second, why are you worrying about what someone else has?

5. Rich people have it easy. Actually, no they don’t; at least not all of them. Some have had to work extremely long hours and work hard to earn that money. Sure, some have gotten breaks along the way here and there, but overall, their lot isn’t necessarily easier than yours. They may be able to pay their bills, but they also risk crashing burning harder and faster than you.

6. Making money is hard. It doesn’t have to be. Think of something you can do that you’re good at, then see if there’s a market for it. If you don’t know how to do anything it’s hard, but almost everyone has skills they don’t think about where they can not only make money but enjoy doing it.

7. Health insurance will suck this country dry. Why are you worried about health insurance more than worrying about staying healthy? Yes, we all need health insurance, but if we take care of ourselves we minimize how much we need it. Exercise, eat well, and get regular checkups so if something bad does happen, you can address it quickly.

8. There’s no jobs anywhere. That’s a misnomer because there are jobs everywhere. What there’s not are as many non-skilled jobs paying like they used to. But you don’t have to stay in that place. Start your own business, go to a trade school to learn something new, get a degree or certification in something, or just take something that brings in money while you work on improvements elsewhere.

9. If I had a lot of money, my life would be perfect. Have you ever wondered why some rich people commit suicide, or get depressed? It’s not about money as much as mindset. We are what we choose to be when it comes to how we feel. Yes, money takes away worries of paying bills, but it won’t make you happy just having it. Of course, we’d all love to test that theory. 🙂

10. I want enough money to be comfortable. This is the most limiting belief of all. How much money would it take for you to be comfortable? Once you got there, are you sure that’s enough money? When we limit what we want, we end up fulfilling our wishes. In your mind, tell yourself that there’s never enough money. Strive for abundance. At some point, if you have enough money so you never have to work again and can live the life you want, then you can truly say you have enough. However, think about it this way; why do rich people continue trying to make more?

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