Since health insurance has become a major issue thanks to this year’s presidential campaign, returning to a more practical and non-rhetorical, non-political discussion of health insurance seems particularly important. Many Americans out there do not have health insurance for various reasons, the most important one being they absolutely cannot afford health insurance. While this is completely understandable, I do believe that many people forgo health insurance when they technically can afford it. Here’s why you should waste no time in acquiring health insurance now.

1. Good health is precarious. Things can change completely at any time.

Sure, you may be healthy now. But good health can change dramatically with only one incident. Accidents, cancer, disease, even fairly routine problems like kidney stones become are incredibly expensive to deal with without insurance. If you think you can’t afford health insurance now, then you definitely can’t afford hospital bills if something goes wrong.

2. Getting health insurance once you get sick often doesn’t work.

Most people who are relatively healthy now and don’t currently have insurance have a flawed plan. If something goes wrong, they think, they’ll just acquire insurance once it happens and not before. The big problem with waiting for an emergency to buy insurance is that many health insurance providers, for various reasons, won’t start coverage immediately. Some policies won’t kick in for as long as twelve months!

3. Getting health insurance helps keep costs low for everyone.

If you’ve shopped for health insurance before, and you’ve had your eyes pop out from the incredibly high prices on premiums, remember that those premiums are high for a reason—the reason being that those who are insured must indirectly pay for those who aren’t. By purchasing health insurance and getting your loved ones to do the same, you are keeping healthcare costs low for everyone. Regardless of your political affiliations, this is the main reason behind the health insurance mandate. If everyone buys into the pool, financial risk is lowered for everyone.

Of course, even if you agree with all the reasons cited above, the fact may still stand that you just cannot afford health insurance. It’s more likely, however, that you haven’t done enough research. Call around ask various health insurance providers, particularly local ones so you can talk to actual people in your community. If you are very healthy, purchase a high-deductible plan that’s drastically lower and will cover you in case of emergencies. There’s no telling when you’ll need health insurance, but if something happens, you’ll thank your luck stars that you did buy a policy. Good luck!

Carol Wilson has spent a good majority of her life working for insurance agencies and calculating business insurance quotes — so if anyone knows a thing or two about insurance it’s Carol. But aside from sharing her knowledge to readers, she also enjoys sharing her thoughts and opinions on other business-related topics such as marketing techniques.

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