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Those things are important but I’ve got news for you. As important as they are, none of those things will cost you a lot of money if something goes wrong. Cleaning and making things look nice are aesthetically pleasing, but there are things you may not be paying a lot of attention to that, if things go wrong, will cost you a lot of money. Let’s look at 4 of these things.

1. Basement. The problem with basements is that you might not notice what’s going on because you may not go into your basement all that often. However, let an area build up on wetness you haven’t noticed or paid attention to and before you know it you could have mold in your house, be paying thousands to get rid of it, and have to stay in a hotel, adding dollars to your investment, because your home has been condemned for awhile. It happens every day.

2. Pipes. Pipes aren’t only in your basement and you have to keep an eye on them as well. Once again, out of sight, out of mind, and yet we all notice if there’s been a change in pressure, or you start hearing some sounds in the walls when you least expect them. The $100 it costs just to get a plumber to come to your house will pale in comparison to the price of having to repair and replace not only pipes but whatever water damage you incur. You’ll get lucky with some help from insurance, but you’ll still have a nice chunk of change coming out of your pocket.

3. Furnace. There are two problems with furnaces. If they stop working it costs a lot of money to replace them, sometimes upwards of $2,000 or more. If they’re working badly you’ll either not have enough heat coming through your ducts but you could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, even death; there’s no price to put on that one. Change your filters, have someone come at least once a year to give it the once over, and install carbon monoxide sensors in multiple places to make sure you’ve got some kind of protection, because you can’t smell carbon monoxide.

4. Roof. We never seem to think about our roofs until they start leaking, and a lot. The cost of repairing a roof might only cost you a couple of thousand but every once in awhile you end up having to replace the entire thing, which can cost as much as $30,000; yup, you read that correctly. What you need to do is have an inspector that’s also qualified to make repairs check your roof out at least once every couple of years. It will cost you $300 or so, but when compared to thousands that’s not such a bad deal.

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