These days everyone is suffering from financial hardship. Many people are out of work and many of those who still have their job, have seen a cut in their paychecks. No matter what your situation is, we still have to shop, whether its for food, clothing or other necessities. But, you can cut down your spending bills dramatically without sacrificing a lot. Here are 5 easy ways to save money when shopping:

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Buy generic brands

Store brands are usually cheaper than name brands. These days most stores how their own brand and when you put store brands side by side with name brand products, they are almost always identical.

List shopping

We all do it, we go to store to pick up one or two items and we end up coming out with a cart full of items! Impulse shopping is saving’s worst enemy! Through out the week make a list of what you need and when shopping, only buy items mentioned on that list.

Avoid eating out

Eating out too often can seriously jeopardize your saving efforts. You can save a lot of money by staying in and going out less. You dont have to forget about eating out, just cut it down. Instead of eating out 3 times a week, do it once a week.

Use whatever you have

Whether its food, clothing or health care products we all have pantries and closet full of stuff. Try using what you have got before going shopping. Promise yourself to empty out your pantry before going to grocery store. You will be amazed how long you can last with out going to store.

Game of saving

Try to save more every time you shop even if its just a few cents or dollars. Its not hard to find items you usually buy for $5, for $4.50! Print out online coupons, use in store coupons and keep an eye on sales.

Saving money starts with little things here and there. Make a habit of it and soon you will be saving money every chance you get without even realizing it.

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