It’s rare that I put videos on this blog but I decided to make an exception this time around, so much so that there are 2 videos. This is something different and special and it revolves around money and happiness so stay tuned.

I write a lot of articles on personal finance and others on how people need to change their thinking about money in order to be successful. Both of those can lead to pretty heady stuff… but is it fun?

Sometimes it is, but most of the time it’s not. Here’s the thing; if we only think about having money without thinking about how we’d like to spend it, then there’s really no joy in having the money at all.

It turns out that it doesn’t always take a lot of money for a person to be happy. Contentment can be achieved by having what most of us would consider as very little. As the first video below shows us, very little to one person is way more than enough for someone else:


I hope you watched that and enjoyed it as much as I did. What Jon essentially did was determine that he wanted to live a simple life, a life that gave him a lot of abundance with some planning and no stress about debt. I applaud him for figuring that out early. However… that’s not the life I want.

I’ve never hidden this fact: I want to be rich. I want to be really rich, so that I can do a lot of different types of things for myself, my family, my community and for society in general. There’s nothing wrong with not being rich, but I’ve lived that life, still living it, and I’d love to have the opportunity to try the other side of things.

Is most of it a pipe dream? Absolutely! Who says we’re not allowed to dream? Who says we’re not allowed to dream big?

Why do most people fail at staying rich? Because they haven’t really thought much about what they’d like to do with the money. Sure, many of them talk about buying things like cars and jewelry, but that’s not planning as much as “I want – I want – I want”. It’s indiscriminate and not definitive; it leads to waste and bad decisions.

Still, it’s a dream, and without getting the money first there’s no dream to be had. So, I decided to add to my first foray into looking at 5 things I’d do if I had unlimited money. But before I add to it, you might want to know what the first 5 things were. The only way you’ll find that out is by watching the video:


That wasn’t so bad was it? Here’s 5 more things I’d like to do if I had unlimited wealth:

1. Buy A Professional Sports Team

Now there’s a big dream! I’d be deciding between baseball or basketball, and I’d want it somewhere close to where I live now, which means I’d be shooting to buy a team already in New York (which probably won’t happen) or a team in a state that touches New York.

However, just buying the team isn’t enough. I’d offer season tickets to fans in both the local area and in my own area within 150 miles a 50% discount, and if kids were included another 10% on top of that, and make the price higher for all other fans who want to come to a game. I’d also hire the best talent to staff the team and we’d do whatever was necessary… and fair… to be the best. I wouldn’t have to worry about it losing money because I have unlimited wealth. lol

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2. Build A Massive Library

There’s a pretty nice country library system, but the library in town is pretty small. It’s also morphing as technology changes and the way people access books and such changes along with it.

That just won’t do. I’d build a large library near where I live instead of in the city of Syracuse. Of course I’d stock it with all sorts of books and probably music, but I’d probably leave movies out of it.

A library isn’t just a place for getting books though; it’s supposed to be a place for enjoying them, sharing conversation about them, and talking about the process of writing, something I’m really into. So one floor would be filled with small to large reading rooms and it would have events that would invite writers from all across the country to talk about the craft, along with having writer’s workshops. Of course I’d have to hire the best staff available to run it.

3. I’d Set Up Music Scholarships For The College I Graduated From

If you watched the video you saw that I went to Oswego State, or the State University College of New York in Oswego. I was a music and history major (didn’t finish the history part), which initially explains the music part of what I want to do.

The bigger deal is that I believe music heals the soul and calms the nerves. Good music of all types is important for society; I don’t know anyone who’s ever said “I hate music”. I can’t initially take care of everyone though, and even if I do some of the traveling I mentioned in the video, Oswego’s only a little more than 30 minutes away from where I live.

I’d fund enough money to bring in at least 15 elite musicians a year. Some would be for orchestra; some for singers and some for solo artists who might play other styles of music. In college you dabble in a lot of different genres, but on your own you concentrate on what you like. Better music locally means better music in the rest of the world when they graduate. It also expands into things like theater production; I do love seeing live shows when I can.

I Don't Ask For Much
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4. I’d Build & Fund A Large Homeless Shelter

In the last year and a half I’ve had my very first ever dealings with someone who’s had mental issues and not fully understood what I could do about it. I put myself in potential danger, yet realized that others in that condition, along with the homeless, face these kinds of dangers on a consistent basis.

So, I’d build a homeless shelter, a large one that could accommodate upwards of 500 families and individuals, and have them sized appropriately so each could have their own space as much as possible. I’d work with an organization like Arise, whose board I used to sit on, to help with the mental health part of it, and it would be totally funded by me… along with some fund raising so we could keep the state out of it.

I’d also work to see if it could provide training of some type to those who could benefit from it; not everyone who’s homeless wants to stay that way. At least we’d be giving it a shot.

5. Take Care Of My Closest Peeps

What fun is having unlimited wealth if you can’t spread it around to your friends? I’m quite perspicacious when it comes to the people I call “friends”. I don’t have a lot of them, and those I do call that I’ve known for many, many years.

They’d all get a nice chunk, a one time thing, and an appointment with a financial advisor to help them figure out how they can live the rest of their lives in prosperity… or at least in comfort. Hey, I need people to go to lunch and dinner with and to come hang at the house from time to time right? 🙂

That’s part of my dream. Of course that’s being unlimitedly wealthy… Bill Gates kind of wealth. He & his foundation are taking on some massive projects. So are Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg. They can do things their way; this would be my way. Of course, if I still get rich but have less money, I’d still try to do some of these things, though it would be on a much smaller level.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things, but it takes two things to pull it all together; planning and sharing. Who’s with me?

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