There are times when you see something and know immediately that it’s not going to trend well with most people. When you look at politics, often you can tell the moment someone has lost the election, even if they don’t know it, by a goofy action. For Michael Dukakis in 1988, it was the way he answered the question about what he’d do if his daughter was raped. In 1992, it was when George Bush walked into a grocery store and was shocked by scanning technology of groceries, something everyone else had seen for years.

by Chris Samuel via Flickr

People like to talk about class wars in this country all the time, and it’s very common to use the term in politics when parties are going against each other. The truth is that there’s a definite class war, and there would have to be. After all, 90% of politicians are not really from what we’d call the “worker” class. And an overwhelming majority of billionaires and millionaires pay little to no tax. Some of them we never even see; most we don’t even know.

Why not? Let’s take a quick look at it here as we examine 5 reasons why the rich aren’t like the rest of us:

1. They don’t shop where we shop. Very few rich people shop at places like Sears and JC Penney’s. They certainly would never shop at a Walmart. Most of the rest of us don’t shop at the Rolex store, and we’re pretty happy just knowing we can spell Jaguar. Shopping is one of those things that we all do but based on the kind of money one makes we never interact with each other, and thus we have no real idea how the other live.

2. They sometimes don’t shop for themselves. When’s the last time you sent someone out that wasn’t a family member to buy your shirts, suits, gowns, groceries, etc? The rich does this often, although those who weren’t always rich still like to look for themselves from time to time. Many of them are either too busy or feeling too elite to shop for themselves, and let’s face it, if you’re a multi-millionaire who can buy whatever you want, why would you want to go into a small changing room to try on clothes with lots of people standing around outside waiting for you to exit?

3. They don’t have to economize like we do. What will your budget allow you to do this week? Let’s see, $20 for gas in the car, $45 for groceries, have to pay the utility bill and phone bill, and hopefully you’ll have some money left over to have pizza Friday night before you have to worry about your bills for next week. The rich have to decide if they want to sit in the first row of first class or the last, drive the Bentley or take a limo into town, have red or white wine with dinner, etc. Of course the last 3 years have caught some of the rich off guard, to the extent that we heard some of them had started flying coach; oh my, the horror! lol

4. The rich hire people to help them. What, did you think this was a post that was only going to bash the rich? Sure they hire people to help them; people to clean their houses, people to cut their lawn, people to cook for them and drive them around and such. They also hire accountants and money managers, pay for coaching and training, and anything else that helps them to remain successful enough to keep earning the big bucks. Sure, it helps that they have the extra money to help them do these things, but here’s the question; when is the last time you decided it was worth saving up the money to train to learn how to make more money, or hired a real accountant to do your taxes, or paid someone to invest your money and actually come to the house to talk to you about it? Sometimes we have to figure out when to pay someone to help us out so we can get on with other things to help us live better lives.

5. The rich don’t want to be poor, the poor and middle class don’t want to be poor, but the rich do something about it. There are success stories here and there about someone who grew up poor and became rich but there aren’t a lot of them. There are even fewer stories about rich people who suddenly found themselves poor; maybe they’ve lost a lot of money like Ted Turner did but he was still a multi-millionaire when all was said and done. The rich learn from other rich people how to stay rich while many of the rest of us read about the rich but don’t read things on how to become rich. Some people may not want to hear this but it’s true. If you like your lot in life, then it’s all good; if not, do something about it. There’s nothing wrong with being rich if you earn it fairly; and there’s a lot of information out there to help us if we only read it, trust it, and use it.

Are you inspired to be something great? Let’s do this thing!

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