Unless you’re grandfathered into a great automobile insurance program, your insurance costs have probably gone up every year. Because most insurance companies offer coverage on more than just one thing, and the economy has gotten shakier, there have been more disasters large and small that seem to have taken place over the past 10 years. This means that insurance companies have to charge more to not only build up the coffers but make enough to please their investors.

Because of this is makes sense to start reviewing your insurance coverage to see if you’re getting a great rate. Doing it online gives you options that weren’t available to you in the past. Let’s look at 5 reasons reviewing auto insurance companies online is a smart move to make.

1. It’s quicker. Going the traditional way means picking up the phone and making a lot of calls, each one taking a lot of time and each one also involving having to listen to a sales pitch. By going online, you can get through many more insurance companies and they won’t necessarily have to be only ones in your home city.

2. Some online insurance reviewing sites allow you to compare the rates of multiple companies at the same time. Imagine being able to see Progressive, Geico, Allstate and the rest in one place, side by side. Some sites will also allow you to compare sites by options they offer.

3. You might learn about ways you can reduce other insurance costs as well. Many insurance companies will allow you to tie homeowners insurance in with auto insurance, which saves money. Some might offer different types of insurance to help bring your costs down depending on where you live, such as flood and disaster insurance. And you might find sites that explain other discounts such as taking an 8-hour class on a Saturday or discounts for your kids if they take driver’s education classes.

4. It’s much easier to shop for supplemental auto insurance. Something you don’t hear about as often from your local insurance dealer is how you can purchase extra insurance coverage to help pay bills if you’re in an accident, can’t work, and your regular insurance company is battling with another insurance company over who’s to blame. The best thing about this is that this company doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same state, so you might find better deals.

5. It’s convenient. What could be better than sitting in your own home going through an auto insurance comparison site at your own leisure? You can visit over and over if something is confusing you without worrying that you’re going to start getting a lot of phone calls. And you have multiple payment options that a traditional insurance company won’t allow you to use, such as using your credit card if you prefer.

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