I struggled with the topic for this post because there are different types of financial counseling one might need, yet it would involve more than one person typically. The truth is that most people need financial counseling in one way or another, sometimes multiple ways. Whether it’s to make money or save money or not get penalized in some fashion because of how you used your money.

Make sense? If not, don’t get discouraged, because here are 5 reasons why you might need financial counseling, and what type of counseling you might need.

1. You need to be put on a budget. Do you make pretty good money yet never seem to have enough to last you until the next time you get paid? You need someone to help you set up a budget. That might be an accountant who also does that type of thing or an independent person who only helps you to set up your budget. For a little more per month you can pay them to pay all your bills for you if that’s something you keep forgetting to do.

2. You have your own business. When you’re a business owner, even a solo practitioner, you want to spend your time marketing and doing your business. You don’t want to have to spend time keeping track of receipts, trying to figure out quarterly taxes and the like. Once again, an accountant is the best way to go, at least for your once a year taxes. However, you’ll still have to figure out your own yearly mileage.

3. You’re being hassled by bill collectors. In this case, you’re not sure if you have enough money or not, but the pressure’s growing. Your first step should be Consumer Credit Counseling, which is in every major city. They’ll help you look at all of your bills to see if you’re making enough to pay your bills and still survive or not. The best thing about them is their evaluation is free.

4. Everything is fine and you want to put extra money away. If this is the case then you definitely need a financial counselor, someone who knows how to help you maximize your extra money so that you’ll have even more money for things you haven’t thought of yet, including your retirement years.

5. You want someone else to handle all of your money and just give you what you can spend, like an allowance. Too bad you can’t always have your mother around to take care of these things, but once again, accountants are great for this type of thing. You can also give them free reign to handle the duties of finding the right financial counselor for you to help keep you living well.

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