Everyone knows about the stock market and the concept of investing. Everyone knows that there have been self made millionaires because of investing. Yet, an overwhelming majority of us aren’t investing. I’m no different than you I hate to admit; I was investing, but I’m not right now.

Wall Street
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Why don’t we invest? I’m going to give 5 reasons why we’re not investing to see if I can convince myself to get back into the game again, as well as give you reasons to think about it:

1. We don’t trust the system. An interesting article came out two weeks ago from NBC News titled Banks Bad Behavior May Be Scaring Away Investors. Although it was geared towards people investing in banks, this seems to be a legitimate reason for withholding investments across the board.

2. We don’t understand what’s going on. During the three years I was investing, I had my guy come to the house 3 or 4 times. Most of the time I zoned out as soon as he started talking because I just couldn’t process what he was saying to me. Now I understand the process better because I’ve researched it but back then, when I didn’t have the time, I needed someone who could explain it all better.

3. We don’t have enough for the initial investment. Depending on where you go and how you do it, you might need an initial investment of $1,000 just to get started. There are some online services where you can get started for less money, but you have to handle everything on your own. Without some background in it, that could be very dangerous and costly.

4. The market seems volatile. Think about what’s gone on the last couple of weeks. The market has surged and drastically fallen based on foreign markets. Strangely enough, last week one day it ended above 13,000, and there’s no real explanation for it with all the supposed bad news, including rising gas prices and fewer jobs being created.

5. Unsure what to invest in. This can be intriguing. Do you invest in the NYSE or NASDAQ? What about gold or silver? What about gas or oil? Fruits and vegetables? Money markets, CDs, bonds? There’s a lot of stuff out there, some that pays well, some that’s barely more than a savings account. What’s your tolerance level? What kind of money do you need for your future? Will real estate ever come back to be a viable thing to invest in? So many questions, so few good answers.

No, I haven’t convinced myself yet; how do you feel?

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