Working from home is the carrot that dangles in front of people’s eyes. It represents the ultimate freedom, freedom from the corporate world, freedom from overbearing bosses, and freedom from a schedule set on auto-pilot day in and day out. The problem with working from home is that the money isn’t always flowing in as regularly as when you have the standard 9-5 job. Because of this income uncertainty, it’s important to maximize on the ways you can save money while working from home.

1. Cut back on your paper trail

When you work at a corporate office it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of printing everything off and just tossing extraneous papers, but once you no longer have a company footing the bill those costs can add up quickly. Instead of printing everything out, create an online filing system and keep important documents on your desktop. To ensure that you still have should your computer crash, save them to zip drives.

2. Shut down your computer at night

It can be tempting to simply close the lid on your laptop when you’re shutting down for the day, but this will only increase your electric bill as the computer will continue to use power throughout the night. It will be better for your computer’s life and your wallet if you spend the five minutes shutting it down at night and powering it up in the morning.

3. Pick a room with a lot of natural light

Make your office in a room with a lot of windows and light coming in so that you can eliminate the need to keep a light on throughout the daylight hours. This will also help significantly cut back on your electric bill – and a penny saved is a penny earned. Plus being situated in natural sunlight versus fake lighting will be good for your overall mood and well-being.

4. Buy office supplies when they’re on sale

It never fails – right after school starts stores and kids go off to college stores will start marking all their office supplies on clearance. By stocking up on these items then you’ll save a lot of money and create a nice stash of necessary items. It’s easy to overlook office supplies as an expensive, but it’s an expensive that is inevitable and can be costly when bought at full price.

5. Make sure you’re maximizing on your taxes

You get a lot of different tax breaks when you work from home, so make sure you’re getting all the different ones you’re entitled to. The money spent on hiring someone to help you sort out your taxes will be worth it in the long run with all the money you’ll end up saving.

It’s easy to think of working from home as a work paradise, but it can get expensive if you aren’t careful. However following these little tips will help you drastically reduce your work-related expense and save some money here and there.

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