As spring has hit weddings are going to become the fashion for a few months. Brides are probably pulling their hair out trying to come up with the proper dress to wear for their wedding.

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Wedding dresses can be expensive. At some weddings, after the wedding ring, the most expensive thing is often the wedding dress. But not everyone can afford that, so here are 5 tips to save money on one’s wedding dress.

1. Buy a used dress. There’s nothing wrong with most used wedding dresses, and when you think about it, most of them have only been worn once. Why spend $10,000 for that Vera Wang dress when you might be able to get a used one for less than $1,000?

2. Buy a ballroom gown and have it altered. Many dresses worn to thing such as formals or dances actually make great wedding dresses. There are also a lot of talented seamstresses out there that could make that gown look fabulous; heck, you might be able to do some things on your own. Going this route give you access to many different styles and colors, which will give you a unique look.

3. Have a wedding dress made. This one can go both ways if you have expensive tastes, but if not it’s easy to pick a pattern and have someone make it for you if you don’t have the skills to do it yourself. An experienced seamstress knows where to buy material at discounted rates, and as long as you don’t get fancy with it, you could save a lot of money on a brand new customized wedding dress.

4. Shop online for your wedding dress. There are a lot of wedding dresses online, although most of the inexpensive ones are used. However, there are some online wedding dress vendors that actually have their own line of brand new wedding dresses at discount prices that sometimes look like the ones the major wedding dress makers create. It might take you a little bit of time to find them, but they’re out there; you can check a site like this one.

5. Wear your mother’s old wedding dress. Although it doesn’t happen as much now, back in the day most brides kept their dresses, hoping their daughters might honor them by wearing their wedding dress. So, ask Mom if you can see her dress, then figure out if it’s fine as is or if it needs something to make it truly fit your personality. There’s no shame in wearing a family heirloom, and you’ll make your mother happier than you’ll ever know.

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