While most of us don’t think of a new health regimen as a financial issue, making such a drastic lifestyle change comes along with some real expenses. From joining a gym to investing in the right diet, the costs involved in getting healthy can truly add up. But, there are plenty of ways to start a health regimen and avoid absolutely any excess financial burden. Take a look at some of these tips to make sure you keep your accounts balanced while pursuing your goal to feel better than ever:

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1. Exercise the old-fashioned way.

Keeping a basic mindset when it comes to health is one of the easiest ways to save yourself from funneling too much funds toward things that are, ultimately, not all that necessary. There is no reasons to buy a gym membership, fancy workout clothes, multi-hundred-dollar running shoes or a six-month pass to the newest yoga classes to get fit. Getting exercise can be a basic part of life. Taking a walk, jogging, stretching, doing fundamental cardio exercise, and lifting weights can all be done at home.

2. Replace the money spent on junk food with fruits and vegetables.

Many of us start out a health regimen by purchasing tons of new health food. But, this is really just a financial burden that doesn’t need to be taken on. Instead of adding to your grocery budget, just replace any unhealthy food you typically purchase with pure and natural foods. This includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, rice, dairy, and proteins. These foods, in lieu of anything processed, packaged or containing high amounts of sugars or fats, are healthier and more economical.

3. Utilize your apartment gym, or a friend’s.

Take account of all the free exercise equipment and spaces you have available that you may not be thinking about. Don’t avoid the exercise equipment at your apartment complex; use it for whatever you can use it for. Or recruit a friend with access to a gym and suggest working out together. Also, check out your local parks for exercise equipment, basketball courts, and tennis courts. This is another way to save on that gym expense.

4. Switch from coffee and soda to water and tea.

This is a major way to cut down on expenses, but most people take these purchases for granted. Coffee drinks can run you upwards of 50 dollars a month, and soda just adds to the financial impact. By switching to water and tea, you can cut out the caffeine and huge amounts of sugar present in soda and coffee. Tea will cost you about 3 dollars for an entire box, and water is free if you filter it at home.

5. Cook at home almost every night.

Eating out is one of the easiest ways to throw away your money. And you really have no idea how these foods are being cooked and what the exact ingredients will be. By cooking at home, you avoid the hit on your pocketbook and you are in complete control of everything you eat. Being disciplined about cooking at home is one of the best ways to have your cake and eat it, too (as long as it’s a small piece).

Brenda Watson is a frequent contributor to www.healthinsurancequotes.org and an advocate for consumer rights when it comes to health concerns.

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