Many of us do some kind of online banking. Many scammers know this, and thus they’re doing all sorts of stuff to try to get access to our accounts and our money. This kind of thing makes some people scared to even try, but the truth is that not only can it be really safe, but it’s convenient and leaves little excuse for not knowing whether you have enough money in your accounts.

There’s nothing to fear with banking online if you follow a few rules to keep safe, just like buying items online. Here are 5 things you should do to protect yourself for banking online:

1. Never save your username or password. Your browser will probably ask you if you want to save it and you might think it’s okay to do since you’ll be dropping in often. However, you should never save either for any sites where you either bank or make payments. Some browsers might save your username anyway, but as long as it doesn’t save your password you’ll hopefully be fine.

2. Make your password hard to remember. Using your last name with a number because it’s easy to remember is inviting someone to steal your information. At the same time making it so complicated that you’ll never remember it isn’t all that wise either. One way to possibly get around this is to come up with a word you can easily remember, at least 8 characters long, then throw 2 numbers in somewhere that also will be easy to recall. That at least makes it much harder for your password to get jacked.

3. Don’t use non-secure networks. People with laptops are prone to looking at their accounts while sitting in a place with free wi-fi, without realizing that someone near could be running software to steal your information wirelessly. Save your online banking for being at home or in a place like a library where they have to give you a password to access their internet service. Actually, if any place requires a unique password, you’re fairly safe, but be wary in some hotels where everyone gets the same password to use.

4. If you’re in public, look around to make sure no one can see either your fingers or your computer. Although it’s hard for thieves to steal your password from your computer because it shows up as stars, some are astute enough to figure out which keys you’re hitting when you type in your number. So many people are oblivious to their surroundings while they’re out; never be so when it concerns your money or any of your other personal items.

5. Always log off when you’re done. If you don’t log off and also don’t close your browser, then you’re always live. If you’re someone who forgets that kind of thing often, see if your browser has a private browsing setting, like Firefox. When you use that, once you leave private browsing it automatically shuts everything down for you.

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