The price of everything seems to be going up these days. Actually, using the term “seems” is kind of a misnomer because everything that really is going up. The problems of course our many. Gas prices have gone up. There have been problems with produce and weather, so those prices have gone up. And the salaries for the people who grow, transport, or do pretty much anything else has gone up as well.

by Matt MacGillivray

The thing is we all still have to eat and by other consumables from the grocery store. I’m not someone who will buy generic items if I have brands of products that I like. Even so, there are still many ways to save money beyond having to buy generic products. Here are five ways you can save money at the grocery store:

1. Only buy things in bulk that you’re going to use every day. Paper products come to mind, things like toilet paper and paper towels. There’s no time limit to those kind of things, it’s amazing how fast you seem to go through those things when you have them.

2. Don’t buy most foodstuffs in bulk, unless you’re going through them very fast. There’s no real reason to buy things like salt or ketchup in bulk because it takes a long time to go through that stuff. Although salt doesn’t have an expiration period ketchup does, and I have found myself having to throw away large bottles of ketchup because they’re too old and I still have other bottles open.

3. If certain items come in more than one size, check the little tag that supposed to be under each one of those items and compare how much they cost by weight. Don’t always assume that you’re getting the best price for the larger item. Grocery stores will sometimes base their prices on the buying patterns of their customers, not necessarily on the gross weight.

4. Buy foods that allow you to prepare your own meals. Although it’s quick and easy to pick something up at the grocery store that’s already prepared for you, the truth is that if you make foods on your own usually find that you make enough so that it turns into more than one meal. In the end, that turned out to be more cost- effective than buying something the store has already made or buying something this prepackaged.

5. Don’t forget use coupons when you can. There are incredible stories of people who have bought hundreds of dollars of items at a grocery store and ended up paying less than $10. Sure, you might not always be would get the brand names you want, but if you’re in a pinch it might not hurt you to try something new. You might even like it; what could be better than that.

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