All of us need clothes; sorry to those of you with perfect bodies but even you need clothes. In today’s world so many people seem to feel that buying designer clothes is the way to go. But those things are expensive, and if your only goal in buying those things is to impress other people then you’re leading a pretty superficial life.

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If you’re buying for comfort that’s something different. I sometimes have problems finding pants because some retailers seem to feel that, as a man, if your waist size is more than 38 inches across you’re not normal. However, all of us are getting bigger; I don’t mean by weight, but the average man and woman are bigger than they were just 20 years ago. So, if you have to spend more money because of your size so that you can find things you look good in and feel comfortable in, by all means do so.

For the rest of you, being logical can help you save money on your clothes. I’m not going to give you recommendations like buy clothes at Walmart instead of Sears; that’s just dumb. Instead, I’m going to give some generic ideas, things that might affect men more because frankly we don’t think about this type of thing too often, but I expect at least one or two of these will concern the ladies as well. Here we go:

1. If you can, buy pants at least one size larger than what you actually wear. The thinking behind this is that it’s easier to have pants altered to fit you if they’re a little larger than it is to make space for yourself in case you gain weight. Don’t go baggy like a lot of today’s kids do because there’s not enough alterations in the world that can be done to make those look good. However, since most of us are predisposed to gain weight here and there, it’s smarter to be prepared.

2. Buy “forever shirts” instead of designer more often. The problem with specialty shirts is threefold. One, they go out of fashion pretty quickly suddenly you look like a dinosaur. Two, often they have to be specially washed, which costs more money. Three, they already cost more money to buy, which means you end up wasting your money sooner. Buying shirts or tops that never go out of style means they’ll last longer, and you’ll find that you can match them with more pairs of pants or skirts than designer clothes.

3. Always buy your shoes at least a half inch larger than the size of your foot. I hear you now, “how does this save money?” Most people who buy shoes that “fit” them end up buying other shoes for comfort or alternate shoes to wear when they tire of the pending pain of shoes that you thought “fit” you. People tend to wear comfortable shoes longer and, because they’re a little larger, they don’t tend to break down as quickly on the sides. If you’re walking on rough terrain often you’ll still probably wear out your shoes pretty quickly.

4. You know the smart way to buy underwear. 🙂 Women, how much are those thongs costing you anyway? Are those things really comfortable? Men, I know what you’re doing as well, buying tighter underwear for “enhancement”. lol Truth be told, you should try to buy underwear slightly larger than you need for more than just cost, but this is a finance blog so we’ll stick with this reason. When you buy underwear that’s too tight you tend to wear it out quicker than you do with underwear that you’re not busting at the seams. Washing clothes should be enough stress on your underwear without your helping them erode for vanity reasons. That and with regular underwear you can get more pairs for less money than it costs for the specialty items.

5. Don’t always buy the least expensive clothes. This may seem like a strange recommendation, but the truth is that those clothes are often inexpensive for a reason. Unless you’re getting them during a great sale, often they’re made with thinner material and the seams aren’t as well done as they are on clothes that cost a little bit more. There’s more of a difference between a t-shirt that costs $3 and one that costs $10 than there is between a t-shirt that costs $10 and one that costs $15 or more when it comes to quality. And quality always lasts longer, which means you end up getting a great deal.

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