I’d say “hooray” for summer but my heart wouldn’t be in it. Summer’s just way too hot for me I have to admit; I’m an Autumn kind of guy. Still, it’s better to have a summer than have it be cold every day forever, right?

This counts as eating cool

The problems of summer are twofold. One, for people like me it’s a battle trying to keep cool. For others and myself as well, it’s the same battle all the time; saving money. With that in mind, here are 5 little tips that might help.

1. Eat more cold foods. When it’s hot, some people think eating hotter foods is the way to go but I disagree. I’m not a big vegetable eater, but in the summer I’ll eat a lot more salads because they offer a nice contrast against the heat. I’ll mix in meats that are also kept cold for variety. And because there’s so much more available at places like farmer’s markets, the costs are lower.

2. Keep your air conditioning temperature around 80. Of all things in my area last week many people lost power because of the consumption of electricity by keeping the air conditioning on all the time. It turns out that many people had it set in the lower 70’s; I might like it cooler but that’s ridiculous. It’s recommended to keep it above 75° to help the grid, but I recommend keeping it around 80° to not only help the power grid but also to keep your summer utility costs down.

3. Ceiling fans. This one might cost you a little bit of money upfront, but long term it’s a saver. If you have problems sleeping at night because it’s too hot a ceiling fan will not only keep you cool, but it won’t blow overly hard and runs fairly quiet. It also helps disperse heat and spread your cool air around if you have the AC on, which makes it great to have in places such as the living room.

4. Don’t water the lawn as much. I know, your lawn’s looking horrible. The thing is, not everyone has the availability of fresh water like we do here in central New York. Even we try not to use it all up by watering the lawn. If you do water the lawn don’t put down the recommended inch of water, and make sure you water your lawn at night so that it’s not immediately evaporating.

5. Don’t drink as much alcohol. I know this one’s going to sting a lot of people but the truth is that alcohol actually makes you hotter in the summer, just like it makes you colder in the winter. I don’t fully understand how all of this works, being a non-drinker, but you folks that do drink, tell me why people are always taking their clothes off in the summer when you drink too much. 😉

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