This is the 500th post on Top Finance Blog, and I’m proud of it. Not that I’ve written them all, but I wrote 285 of the first 350, which isn’t so bad, and since December I’ve still written 58% of the posts that have shown up on this blog, so that’s not all that bad either.


Still, it shows what this blog has become, which is a pretty good suppository for articles on financial topics of all types and scopes, and also a breeding ground for showing the world that there are some pretty good writers out there, as most of the guest posts are from contributors outside of the United States, mainly the UK, of all things. I appreciate everyone that’s contributed to making Top Finance Blog a success.

Out of the last 100 posts, the majority of articles have been about either saving money, budgeting money, or even making money. Not the traditional “make money” schemes but talking about why people need to make more money to survive in today’s world and ways they might be able to go about it. I love that the posts have been unconventional, so to speak, while also being somewhat static. By that, I mean that there’s an obvious different between how most people are writing their articles and how I write my articles, and I’ve found that many of the guest posters follow a script that brings legitimacy to this type of blog while I get to freestyle and, my word, “rant” here and there from time to time.

In a week or so there will be a post on what I consider the best written posts of the last year on this blog, but this period of time is a bit shorter since I wrote post #400 at the end of March. Below are the top 5 visited posts, only one written by yours truly, per Google Analytics written during this time:

10 Unique Ways To Save Money For A Home Deposit – Guest Post – 116

Car Insurance and Teen Drivers – Guest Post – 111

Are Store Rewards Cards Worth The Effort? – 98

Ten Commonalities Between Credit Cards & Cigarettes – Guest Post – 85

Debt Management In Crisis – Guest Post – 82

And one final statistic. Traffic on this blog went up 219% for the last 100 posts from the previous 100 posts, and even though I forgot to mention the 3-year anniversary of this blog, which occurred in December 8th, I’m proud of the growth of this blog over the years, especially in 2011. I can only hope for continued growth and that this blog serves the needs of those people craving the type of information, commentary and news that’s provided here.

Thanks for visiting and keep coming back! 😀

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