I like doing compilation posts because it forces me to take a look back at all posts throughout the past year again to see if I’ve kept everything true to its mission which, on this blog, is financial topics. I hope that the topics have been interesting, even when I’ve gone on a rant.

I also recognize that when one has to evaluate themselves that it’s not as simple as one might think it should be. After all, I had a bunch of posts to go through. And while I was at it, I decided to take a look at the guest posts as well. My criteria on both was pretty tough, to the extent that I only ended up with 7 total posts, and only 2 of those from guest posts.

That doesn’t mean that there weren’t a lot of good posts; it means that there were more than were fairly straight forward and thus didn’t really stand out as far as personality goes. But since I told myself to the same standard, who can gripe about it?

Since I came up with only 7 posts, this means every month wasn’t represented. In truth, out of the period from last December to this November, only six months are represented, as I felt 2 posts came from the same month. And you’ll notice that only one of the posts in this list is the same as posts in the list to the right. Different criteria; that’s all I have to say. So here we go:


Is Medical Billing A Scam? – Knowing something about the medical billing field, I warned prospects hoping to get into the field just what they might be up against.


Dealing With Hospital Bills – This was another post where I gave tips on how to handle one’s hospital bills when they’re having problems getting them paid.

20 Of the Worst Jobs You Could Ever Have – a tongue-in-cheek post with pictures of jobs that most people might find unbearable, yet they’re necessary.


Combat Rising Gas Prices With Smart Solutions – This was a wonderfully written guest post by Mariana Ashley on ways to get more out of your gas money.


Why Many Financial Issues Are Our Fault – This was kind of a rant on why many of the financial problems we have now are our fault, pretty much as the title suggests.


5 Financial Considerations of Death – As my grandmother was passing away and my mother and I had to start making funeral arrangements, it hit me just how expensive an industry death is for consumers.


Ten Commonalities Between Credit Cards and Cigarettes – People seemed to love this post by Tim Cooley comparing smoking to credit card use.

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