Our definitions of wealthy vary from one person to the next. Owning a home the size of an old world castle may be your idea. For others, simply having enough time to do the things you want to do may be enough. Regardless of where you are in life or what you believe the harsh fact is that many of you will never get to a point where you have enough money to finally say, ‘I’m wealthy’.

I have to admit that this list isn’t exhaustive. Use it as a starting point as you analyse your life and income and start making the changes today that will ensure your tomorrow is a wealthy one.

You’re entitled to a better way of life

The idea of entitlement has been twisted out of proportion. Money for nothing (and your chicks for free) has become a mantra for the 21st century. The idea that there is someone else to blame for all your woes has been hammered home to the point that we now believe it. Easy credit with long repayments terms have convinced us that living for today and hoping for a better future is the norm. Sadly, your accumulated debt that you’re ‘entitled’ to will act like a handbrake in your efforts to build a wealthy lifestyle.

You think education is for dummies

Graduation day at college is a big deal both in the U.S and here in the United Kingdom. The shackles of learning have been smashed by the heavy hammer of freedom. You are now free to seek all those things that I’ve just said you’re ‘entitled’ to; a well paid job, access to easy credit or money for that neck injury caused by the granny in the car behind you.

Education never stops! Read that again. Do you think you’re going live a wealthy life if you don’t keep learning? Every entrepreneur knows that constant movement is the key to success. Likewise, the changing balance of the world economy means that, no matter what your job, if you don’t stay ahead you’ll be outsourced.

If it’s bigger it’s better

I’m talking about your car. How much does it cost you to buy a new car every couple of years? How much money do you quite literally hand over to the car salesman every time you walk into the showroom with a gleam in your eye and the misguided willingness to sign those finance documents? Yes, cars do depreciate in value. Yes, the salesman might be offering you a great deal. Before you pick up that pen you need to ask yourself if you really need to do this. Could your car actually go on for another 4, 5 or 6 years? Remember your first car. Was it brand new? How long did it last you (I have my first ride for about 6 years and it was already 5 years old when I bought it).

You’re going to start tomorrow

Then, before you know it, you’re old. Father time will have rung his bell and you’ll be ready to retire. Or will you? Start now. Not in a minute, not tomorrow but now. Get your finances in order. Strip away the rubbish that you don’t need in life and start the fast track to a wealthier life. How old are you now? If you’re 40 or over you only have another 25 years (maybe a little more) before you want to kick back and relax. That’s plenty of time to start saving. Sadly, it isn’t. Look at how quickly your first 40 years have just passed by. Did you save anything in that time? Can you honestly say you have enough money to retire? There’s some food for thought for you.

You really need to buy that ‘thing’

I dare you to take a look around your home and say, with all honesty, that you need everything you own. Do you have a bookshelf full of titles that you’ve read only once? Don’t get me wrong, I love reading from a book (rather than an ebook) but most of my literature comes from the library. Do you have 101 gadgets that were all the rage about 1 year ago but now they’re ‘so yesterday’? Do yourself a favour and stop buying just because the adverts tell you too. Sophistication isn’t a measure of how much junk you own! Sell it all on eBay or Craig s List or give it away to charity. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you wean yourself off the magpie syndrome

How much does anything in your life cost?

How much value do all of those unwanted things have? I’m not talking about monetary value. What do they do to enrich your life? Not sure? Reading a book has value. A book can further you education which makes you stand out from the dummies. A maintenance manual will help you keep your car on the road for years to come. What value does a 50 inch plasma TV have beyond wowing your friends and family? Value doesn’t always come with a massive price tag. What one person might call junk could be the next person’s goldmine.

Your life will be full of opportunities

Really, it will. The opportunity to land a new, better paid job. The opportunity to mix and mingle with successful people that could help propel you toward massive success. The opportunity to start afresh in a new county or country with a healthier life for you and your family. The question is, why did you never grab those opportunities by the throat and squeeze them for all they’re worth? Life will pass you by and, as continues its relentless march, it won’t care about you. The only one caring will be you. You can’t turn back the clock so grab every opportunity to make your life richer, healthier and wealthier…. before it’s too late.

My name is James and I write for http://moneysavingzone.co.uk. We’re based in the UK but the cultural similarities between Brits and our American cousins are so close that the points above should have resonance no matter which country you live in. The spelling may be different, the technical terms may be different but the fallout is universal.

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