Whatever your plans in life you still have to have enough money to live by, but when you make the rules of your budget too rigid you can run the risk of losing the enjoyment of living. Too tight a reign on your spending over too long a period could lead to a splurge on your savings out of frustration, and everything you have worked so hard for is gone. The big lesson to be learned from intensive frugality and saving to get that deposit on your home or to buy the car you have longed for, is to not over do it. Sprinkle your frugality with a bit of spontaneous living every now and again.

Sure, you can reap the rewards of being frugal, but you can overdo it, much like a person going on a diet. Be too hard on yourself and you will finish up raiding the fridge one lonely evening and it is all over. It is very important to relax your savings routine every now and again to enjoy a night out. It need not be over the top but just feel free for a night and put all your savings plans on hold for the evening. You will no doubt find your own way to release the pressure valve when you feel you need to, but here are eight ways to handle the same situation to get you thinking about how you can make frugality work for you in every aspect of your life:

1. Always Communicate

Possibly the most important way to avoid frugality from preventing you doing anything spontaneous is to communicate. Never stop communicating your true feelings to your partner. Tell him or her when you feel things are getting too boring and you feel you are in a rut. The odds are he or she will feel the same way but didn’t want to say anything because it could upset your mutual plans.

2. Encourage Spontaneity

Always be open minded about doing something unplanned on the spur of the moment. That sudden trip to the beach on a Saturday afternoon. A night at the movies decided on after dinner. You can do these things without it meaning you have to splurge a lot of money in doing so.

3. Spend a Weekend Away

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get away for the weekend. There is no need to stay at the leading hotel in the city either. You could find more enjoyment camping out in a national park or visiting a nearby town or city you haven’t been to for a while.

4. Togetherness Day

As you are both busy working to save money, it often happens that you can unknowingly let work take over. Up early in the morning, arriving home tired late in the evening. Sleeping in the same bed all night doesn’t count as quality time together. Make at least one day of every week a Togetherness Day. Do everything together on this day. It need not be the same day each week. Probably better if it’s not for spontaneity’s sake, but as long as you spend the day together you’ll find your relationship will be refreshed.

5. Eating Out

Although this sounds like a definite ‘no no’ as far as saving money goes, you will find that eating out can do wonders in helping you cope with living an otherwise frugal existence. You need not go to an expensive restaurant but there are plenty of ‘cheap’ places where the eating out can be equally relaxing. Every now and again you could treat yourselves to a little more up-market establishment but don’t lock yourself away from being waited on every now and again.

6. Daily Deals

You will be confronted with different daily deals being offered every so often. Sometimes up to 60 percent off and although you hadn’t planned to spend any money on such a purchase, show a little flexibility. If you feel you want it, buy it. Saving money for a purpose doesn’t have to mean you cut yourself off from everything other than achieving your goal. You know you can’t make a practice of being sucked into every daily deal that’s offered, but it will actually do you good to let go every now and again.

7. Special Meals at Home

Break the monotonous eating at home ritual with a special candlelit meal with all the trimmings. No need to plan it, just jump to it and do it, and get the whole excitement from doing something spontaneously. Lights down low, a bottle of good wine. It does wonders for your ability to put frugality at the back of your mind for a while.

8. Free Concerts and Plays

There are often free or cheap musical or acting activities taking place, especially in city parks. Get into the habit of attending these types of outings. They get you out amongst people and don’t cost anything.

There are many things you can do that are both spontaneous and cheap. The best memories are actually made from the times you spent together at a spontaneous event. By breaking the boredom you can actually enjoy yourself while saving to make your dreams come true.

Kristy Ramirez wrote this post.

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