Top Finance Blog welcomes the opportunity for advertising in our spaces.

Let’s get this out of the way up front, so there’s no question about it. As of 11/21/16 all links will be nofollow no matter what.

We accept banner advertising, which will either be on sidebars or in specific articles you believe might match up with your business.

We also accept sponsored posts, either written by your representative or by us. The writer of articles from outside sources will be expected to respond to any comments those articles may receive within 2 weeks of those comments for a 3-month period, otherwise the links in the article will be removed; this is non-negotiable.

All articles must be written geared towards an American audience since we’re in the United States. If your topic doesn’t fit what we have here, you’ll need to alter it so that some of it fits what goes on in this country. Sometimes it’s just a change in terminology, which should be easy to do. If it’s something we don’t have, it may take a bit more creativity on your part to get it right.

The rate for sponsored posts is $75 per article whether we write them or not; this is also non-negotiable. If you wish to sponsor an article that’s older than six months old the rate is $25 per article, and we’ll work with you on the keyword entry into the post.

Links will be up to our discretion as to whether they remain permanent (if we’re alerted to the fact that the website being linked to no longer exists or the company is in some kind of trouble, the link will probably be removed).

If we write the article, 25% must be paid up front, which is nonrefundable, and you don’t get to review the articles beforehand. You should look through the site to see if you like how I write about topics to determine if you’d like to work with me or have someone else write the article.

A $30 discount will be offered if 3 articles are requested up front. You can suggest keyword phrases, but they may be modified to fit into the article so it doesn’t look like keyword spam.

Banner ads can be anywhere between 150 and 250 pixels in width. The height will determine how much each advertisement will be, but only box ads will be allowed in posts. Agreements can be in 3, 6 or 12 month increments. When renewals are close you will be contacted and if we don’t hear from you on expiration day those ads will be removed.

Any advertising on this blog must be related to finance, although if there’s a relationship between the business you’re representing and a previous article you believe might fit your industry (aka, our articles on college loans and your business is education), we will review those requests.

We will review all websites in deciding if we’ll accept advertising for the client. We will NOT consider anything having to do with showing payday loans in a positive light so please don’t ask.

There will be one link allowed in the content and, if requested, the last line of the article will mention the company that sponsored the post with the name highlighted (the company can be linked to without a subdomain). The words “sponsored post” will appear in the title of those particular articles, whether written by your representative or us.

We don’t feature any infographics on this blog.

Articles with more than 3 editing errors will be rejected; if that same article is resubmitted & there are still 3 or more editing errors that article can’t be submitted again.

If you wish to find out our rates for banner ads, or wish to request a sponsored post, write to Mitch at If it’s for a banner ad tell us the size of ad you wish to place and the type of business you’re supporting, and you will be sent the price. So you have an idea of where advertising rates begin for banner ads, a 150×150 ad will be $65 a month, which have a 3-month minimum, and rates go up from there.

Thank you for considering Top Finance Blog for your business.