Sometimes one has to shake things up for one reason or another. In this case I’m doing something different for kind of a strange reason.

In essence, this is post #598 on this blog. Because I have a lot of other posts scheduled, including two in a row after this one, post #600 will show up on Saturday and it’ll be a guest post. I didn’t want this article to be posted on Sunday, and you’ll know why within the next paragraph. So I decided to let this be an acknowledgment to post #600, which is another milestone I’m proud of, and highlight 9 posts I’ve written over the years that I think deserve another round of attention.

First, I want to share the first interview I’ve done regarding Top Finance Blog. Bill Hazleton of the blog Credit Card Assist interviewed me and it went live on May 15th. I’d be happy if you checked it out to learn why I decided to write this blog in the first place, as well as a bit of advice I give since I was asked.

Now 9 posts that I feel deserve a bit more attention, more for you and your financial health and entertainment than mine.

The Case For Paying Bills Online was my attempt to talk about why it could help many people to think about paying some of their bills online; I guess that’s self explanatory.

Work For Yourself was a post I wrote when the economy was really hard and a lot of people were out of work, and I was trying to find ways to encourage folks to think of entrepreneurship.

Have You Started Generating Your Own Income Yet was written to encourage people who needed extra money to find ways to generate income by using skills they had to provide either services or products in your own time.

3 Reasons To Work From Home And 3 Reasons Not To Work From Home means exactly what the title says; nothing else necessary to say.

Is Medical Billing From Home A Scam was written because I kept running into so many people telling me they’d bought software and were going to start doing medical billing, and I knew I had to warn others not to go down that route.

3 Pros and Cons of Ebooks looked at this relatively new phenomenon.

Everyone Wants Your Money; Don’t Fall For Scams is the most recent article on this list, and once again it’s fairly self explanatory.

The Un-Art Of Tipping looked at why it seems so many people can’t figure out the why and how of tipping.

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