I’m not someone who has a lot of credit cards, thank goodness. I’m also not someone who always gets a store’s rewards cards or discount cards. I do have some, though, and I have to say that, for the most part, they’re fairly worthless.

The only card I have that’s of any real benefit to me is the Barnes & Noble card. With that card I get 10% off every purchase, and I also get special offers through email that gives me great discounts off a lot of books, movies and music. The only downside is that it costs $25 a year to be a member, but since this is a store I go to often, or order things from online often, it works for me.

I have a couple other rewards cards that, at this point, I have realized just how worthless they are. I have a Staples card that I didn’t even pull out of my wallet when I had to go buy office supplies yesterday. They do send out coupons once a month after you’ve purchased something that might save you some money. However, you have to purchase a lot to get a little bit of savings. I don’t spend $100 on a regular basis at Staples, so a $20 certificate of reduction as long as I spend that much wastes my time.

The same can be said of my Best Buy card, for whom I have something else to talk about at another time somewhere. Their rewards are the same as Staples; buy something today, we’ll send you a discount coupon for purchases later on that mean absolutely nothing. You’ll get a nice discount as long as you spend enough money or something like $5 off your next purchase; how many items are there at Best Buy that you can get that five bucks is worth anything?

Yesterday I went to Macy’s and was asked if I had a discount card. I go to many grocery stores and drug stores where I’m asked that same thing. My favorite grocery store also has a card that offers savings on a few things here and there as long as you have a discount card; that’s not so bad but it’s a rare occurrence.

And something I’m noticing more often are discount credit cards at gas stations. Most of the time they’ll save you 5 cents a gallon, which seemed to go a lot further when gas was around $2.50 or less than it does at over $4 now. Yet it’s one time when having a BJ’s Warehouse card works well, as one can usually save at least 10 cents a gallon; even at $4 a gallon that’s pretty good.

What’s your opinion on discount cards in general? Are they worth having? Do you have a favorite you’d like to share?

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