Everyone might not see it this way, but I think this is a pleasant surprise.

Bank of America has taken the proactive step of saying that they’re eliminating overdraft fees on debit card purchases. Well, that’s kind of a misnomer, but it works for the moment.

What they’re going to do if you use your debit card to try to make a purchase is to deny you, which is what credit cards and debit cards used to do in the past. That means you won’t get hit with fees you don’t know about by going over your banking limit.

What they’re also going to do is, if you go to an ATM to try to get money out and you don’t have it, tell you that you don’t have enough to cover what you’re trying to take out. You will have the option of accepting a $35 fee if you decide to go forward with that transaction, or do something else instead.

I think this is a brilliant move, and I’m glad to see B of A taking a step like this instead of just finding ways to get more money from unsuspecting consumers, especially when they’re not on the best financial footing. Not everyone keeps up with their money all that well, and sometimes it’s not your fault, such as when you think a check has been cashed months ago and had been checking your balance, and out of the blue it’s suddenly cashed and you hadn’t checked again. I’d rather have a store or restaurant decline me than turn around later to see I’ve been dinged with some high fees.

Good move, B of A; you’re off my list for the time being, even though you haven’t addressed those checking fees yet.