Bankaholic is the number one financial blog in the world. I can say that with conviction because, back in October, it’s owner, John Wu, sold it to Bankrate for $15 million dollars, as long as he stayed on and kept writing for them. I doubt there’s anyone in the world who’d have turned down a great deal like that.

And it’s a good blog to boot. All sorts of financial information abounds. One of the things Wu is good at is finding the best financial deals for saving your money, such as high paying CDs and interest bearing checking accounts. There’s also news and commentary, kind of like this blog, only less personal, such as his article on Inside FDIC Bank Seizures that I thought was great reading.

Bankaholic also gives you the most current information on bank rates, credit card interest rates, insurance rates, and then other current financial news, such as one of his latest stories called Chase Drops Controversial Credit Card Fee.

Man, this is what I aspire to; being able to research and write about the things I love and get paid really well for it. I applaud John Wu for his ingenuity and chutzpah; after all, he’s also only 23 years old. I’m feeling like an old fogey right now. 🙂

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