In a recent news article, it was reported that banks will also start laying off people as the economy struggles to recover. It’s not just American banks, but banks across the United States.

The article mentioned that around 330,000 employees have already been let go because of the financial mess, but believes there will be another 80,000 jobs slashed over the next 18 months.

Once again, my comment on that is thus; duh! It seems obvious that banks would have to be shedding jobs at close to the same rate as other industries have shed jobs. Although we haven’t had a bank closed in the last two weeks (of course, many banks are closed on a Friday so we’ll see what happens later in the day), there have been 117 banks closed so far in 2010. Last year at this time we were at 84 banks. And there are many more that are considered as being dangerously close to the chopping block.

Notwithstanding my belief that the banking industry overall was responsible for the collapse of the world economy, it seems like it’s also the main industry that could have a big hand in helping to turn things around. The industry has become turtle-like. It has decided to not only restrict the money it’s going to loan those potential customers with questionable credit, it’s also restricting money it could lend to those customers that actually are doing quite well. When the super-rich have problems selling their homes to other super-rich because the banks won’t get up off the money, that’s some serious paranoia.

We all want our banks to show some fiscal responsibility. We also want our banks to help as much as they can to help push the economy in a more positive direction. Stop being more beholden to your investors and start being more beholden to your consumers. There’s a strong likelihood that when you start trusting a few more people just a little bit, you and the rest of the world will find things starting to become a little better.