I have written three times before about the supposed settlement between the federal government and black farmers. The first time I only mentioned it; the second time, about a month later, I reported that they still hadn’t been paid because Congress hadn’t passed a bill approving the payments. The last time I wrote about it, which was in July, found that the black farmers still hadn’t been paid, and that though they were legally able to get out of the settlement deal, they were going to hold firm and hope that Congress did the right thing.

Here we are, three months after the last post I made about black farmers, and not only have they still not been paid, and Congress still hasn’t done what they’re supposed to do, but they’ve now been joined by a settlement to Native American farmers by the Justice Department who suffered the same fate. The settlement deal for Native American farmers is supposed to be around $680 million, which is less than the $1.15 billion than the black farmers are supposed to get. There is one common thing to consider, however. Based on track record, neither is probably getting paid any time soon.

Of course, most smart congresspeople are keeping their mouths shut as to why this bill hasn’t been passed. By that statement, I mean the people who actually are against it, all Republicans. Three people who are decidedly against it and have decided to open their mouths are the Republican representatives from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, Steve King from Iowa, and Bob Goodlatte from Virginia, who have come out with an idiotic statement saying that this settlement was approved because Democrats are trying to buy votes from black voters and feel this is a shakedown of the federal government. Of course, Bachmann didn’t happen to mention that she is a part owner of a farm that happens they get a quarter million dollars a year in federal subsidies, which means any money going to either black or Native American farmers is money to people that are going to compete against her own family’s business; talk about being disingenuous. And the other two are saying this has nothing to do with race; any time someone comes out saying something has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with race.

Oh yeah, just to throw this in there, in May the federal government also settled with Hispanic farmers to the tune of $1.33 billion for the same offenses. It’s nice to see that no minorities were left out of discrimination practices; that’s sarcasm.

Of course all of this puts President Obama in a precarious situation. He can reasonably only go so far in trying to encourage Congress to pass the bills to pay all these farmers what they deserve because he himself has to worry about charges of partisanship and, stupid as it sounds, racism for minorities, as if one can be racist in supporting a minority group. And people wonder why so many others don’t want to vote and don’t trust the government.