Near the beginning of April I wrote a post about how Black Farmers would be getting restitution from the federal government, finally, many years after they’d lost a lawsuit proving that there had been discriminatory practices.

Suffice it to say, just because a lawsuit awards money doesn’t mean that the loser is going to pay. In this case, it seems Congress just hasn’t gotten around to paying these people, even though they were supposed to sign a bill to do so days after my story. It even had, and still has, the support of President Obama.

What’s the problem? Do you really want to ask me that question?

It has to do with race, plain and simple, and the lack of minority representation in Congress. This should have been settled already, signed off on, and taken care of. Congress missed the March 31st deadline, and they have one more, May 31st. If it’s not signed and passed by then the terms of the class action lawsuit will be dropped, and the country will once again find itself fighting individual lawsuits from all of these farmers.

This is ridiculous. Pay these people, some of whom are old and dying, and let’s take care of another ugly chapter in American history.