In good economic times, black people suffer greatly in the United States. When unemployment for the rest of the country was around 6%, for black people it was around 11%. For young people under the age of 25, it was around 25%; ironic, right?

Therefore, it’s no surprise that with the country’s unemployment rate being around 10.2%, black people are worse off yet again. Unemployment for young black men under the age of 25 is now at 34.5% and rising. For all young black people, it’s 30.5%. For young black women, it’s at 26.5%, compared to 15.4% for all young women.

The thing is, this time it’s definitely believed to have more to do with race than with education or background. A study by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University showed that lower-income white teens were more likely to find work than upper-income black teens, and that even blacks who graduate from college suffer from joblessness at twice the rate of their white peers.

Some studies have shown that black applicants with equal resumes to white applicants won’t hear back from just sending out resumes with what some see as traditional black names at a rate of 72% compared to 36% of traditionally white names. When names are equal, along with either equal or better resumes, blacks hear back in a positive fashion only 50% of the time, while whites will be contacted at around 76% of the time.

So, despite President Obama being in office, some things still haven’t changed. And if the economy stays bad, and areas where blacks have a higher density of the population such as Detroit and Washington D. C. don’t improve, it’s going to get much worse.