The economy is crippled but you still have a business to run. How do you do it while on a budget? Here are some low- cost and even some free business tools that are just for a savvy business person in the times we are in.

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The free application that belongs on every tech smart businessperson’s list is LogMeIn. It allows a user entry to their computer to fix it remotely or to look for needed files. LogMeIn is not a new app, but the company just released a free version of its iOS app, so you can access your Windows or Mac desktop remotely from your iPad or iPhone. The screen does get somewhat confined, but it’s still an awesome no-cost tool.

A business tip for if you troll the web often, think about installing this neat tool called Ghostery. It is obtainable for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. This unassuming browser add-on probes for information trackers across the Web, and will pop an alert up when any site is tracking you. The data it sends back to headquarters is statistical and makes the product stronger.

You are probably like most people who have critical files on your computer; if there were a crash, they would be gone forever. Another business tip; there is a utility called the CrashPlan, which is a backup utility that can prevent these disasters. This utility is available in 32-bit and 64-bit and even though the free version does not extend to online backup, it still automatically backs up your files and enables a user to backup to another computer, no matter if it is Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Giving exhibitions to inaccessible audiences is no problem with AnyMeeting, which gives the ability to easily lead webinars. The free business tool expects just one person to register, and that user can then invite up to 6 people to stream video and up to 200 guests to watch a presentation.

Cheryl Miller is the author of Money and Finance.


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