Well, that headline isn’t quite accurate, but they certainly voted themselves into some tough times ahead.

Californians have “voted” themselves into massive cuts in services and the potential release of a bunch of criminals who probably need to sit in jail a little bit longer. I put “voted” in quotation marks because, unlike November’s election night where almost 80% of the state showed up to vote, only 22% of the population deigned this one important enough to rise up for.

So, what’s coming? Well, the first thing is that all elected officials are going to get at 18% pay cut; ouch! They’re also talking fewer days in Sacramento, as a way to save money, and keeping the politicians at home more. I guess without money you don’t need these guys sitting around doing nothing.

What else? Gov. Schwarzenegger announced plans to lay off 5,000 workers, slashing education by up to $5 billion, selling state properties, borrowing $2 billion from local governments and drastically reducing healthcare programs. He’s also looking to borrow $6 billion from Washington, but wants that loan to be secured; he’ll probably get it.

Like what’s going on in New York, the governor’s cuts are irking a bunch of people, but what do they expect him to do? He already doesn’t accept his salary, and there’s no new money coming in, so he’s going after expenses, just like any other business would. I mean, a $21 billion dollar shortfall is no laughing matter.

By the way, I do see the other side of the vote. California is one of the hardest hit states when it comes to unemployment and mortgage problems, and throwing a tax on top of it would have felt like piling on. I don’t condemn the “many” who did decide to vote and express their opinion. I just want to highlight that every action someone does, or doesn’t do, has a consequence, and if California is ready to allow upwards of 19,000 prisoners free into the populace (well, many of them might be deported, if the Immigration Service is waiting at the door) and moving 23,000 of them into county jails instead of state institutions, I have no objections to it.

Just remember, y’all “voted” and got exactly what you wanted; don’t complain.