Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that just days ago there was a horrific earthquake in Japan that then created a tsunami that’s destroyed a lot of property and killed a lot of people. There are still a lot of people missing, and there’s a host of other scary things that people are dealing with right now over there.

One of those things is the impact all of this is going to have on an economy that, like the economy of the United States, the country has been trying to work its way out of to move towards more positive results. It’s amazing that a country that’s only the size of California has almost 130 million residents and a deficit of close to $5 trillion dollars that inevitably is about to drastically go up.

Just how much money is a trillion dollars? No one really knows. I’ve seen a million dollars and it’s pretty impressive. When you think that a billion is 1,000 times that, I can only imagine where someone could put a pile of money like that. In thinking about Bill Gates, who’s worth around 50 billion, that’s 50,000 piles of money. Multiply that figure by 20 and you finally get to one trillion; ouch!

When you get into the multi-billion dollar range, you might as well realize that’s money you’re never going to really see. When you start thinking trillions, you might as well get it into your mind that there’s really no such number, only the concept. Sure, there’s probably quite a few trillion dollars in the country, but not all in one place. None of us will ever see $100 million at one time, let alone trillions.

And that’s the frightening part about thinking of rebuilding any parts of Japan. That was the problem in thinking about how to solve the issues because of Hurricane Katrina as well. We were on the verge of a recession and suddenly money was needed to help rebuilt New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. That was bad enough; some cities of Japan are totally evacuating because of potential nuclear meltdowns, and if that happens there’s another area, such as Chernobyl, where there won’t be any life for decades, possibly centuries.

Well, we may not be able to conceive of trillions, but it doesn’t mean we can’t help. If you’re able, click on this link to the Red Cross to help as much as you can.

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