I have to admit something; I like large spaces. I’m not a small guy but that’s not the reason why.

Jay Shafer's Home Sweet Tiny Home
Todd Lappin
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As a military kid we always lived in base housing. That’s literally kind of a 2 or 3 bedroom two-story place, depending on the size of your family, and it’s not very big. Then when I moved out on my own I had a succession of small apartments while living by myself. When I got married we got larger apartments but the rooms were so small that it really didn’t feel like a larger place.

Right now I live in a 1,900 square foot ranch, and you’re think that would be a lot of space, and in reality it is. A five-bedroom house with a 16×20 living room is pretty nice, even if a couple of the bedrooms are small, including my office. Still, it’s a pretty nice house.

What if I had to live smaller though? What if it was you and you had to live smaller than you do now? Could you do it? Would you like it?

Do you see the house in the image above? That’s a trend we’re starting to see more in this country. There are some fairly obvious benefits if you can handle it. Obviously they cost way less and most people have them paid off within 2 years, if that long. This one’s on a trailer hitch, which means they’re easy to move, but most people just locate them somewhere and move on with life. Because they can go almost anywhere but probably wouldn’t pass the zoning laws of many communities, you’ll see a lot of these out in the country, along lakes, in woods, or within their own little communities.

Jay Shafer's Home Sweet Tiny Home
Todd Lappin via Compfight

Some houses aren’t much bigger than 300×300; a few are even smaller. They have everything they need which includes a tiny bathroom, tiny shower, tiny stove, a bed, etc. I have no idea how they get electricity, as few of them have fireplaces (dangerous stuff in a tiny wood house) or how the plumbing actually works but I’m sure it gets worked out somehow.

For someone like me, this would never be an option. However, I’ve wondered, if I needed to or if I was ever single again, if I could downsize willingly and how would I want to live. I’m not sure I’d want another one bedroom apartment, which is what my hotel suite is like. I’m not sure I’d want a studio apartment because I like the idea of being able to just close a bedroom door without always having to keep it clean if visitors stop by.

Yet, economically, for most places in the United States and probably in other countries, living small means living cheaper, not having as much clutter because you have no where to put it. Sometimes we have to do things like this because it’s all we can afford, or maybe because we’d rather save our money for something nicer or to do other things.

Nothing wrong with that; but could you live in a tiny house like this one?

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