One of the scariest times in any parent’s life is when their teenage son or daughter starts driving. Not only do they need to worry about their child’s safety (and the safety of the family car) on the road, but there’s also the expense of insuring a young driver.

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Fortunately, there are sites like where parents can go to get quotes on inexpensive insurance for teen drivers, but there are several other ways to minimize the cost of having a young driver in the family. Here are a few:

  • Keep them on a learner’s permit as long as possible: Most insurance companies don’t require teen drivers to be insured while they’re still learning to drive. The longer you can keep your teen on a learner’s permit, the less money you’ll spend on insurance. The school insurance will cover them while they’re driving school vehicles for driver’s education, by the way.
  • Give them a sensible car: If you must buy your teenager a car of his or her very own, make sure it’s not a sports car. Sedans with lots of safety features may not be cute and kicky, but they’re safer to drive, and less expensive to insure.
  • Ask for discounts: The two most important discounts to ask about are the good student discount and the defensive driving discount. The first requires your teen to maintain a B-average or better during high school, and – if they’re remaining on your policy – college as well. The second requires that they take a class over and above the state-required driver education course, and ideally, you should take it, too. Taking such a class gets you a 3-5% discount for up to three years, at which point you can repeat the course.

These three tips will help you save money once your teenager starts driving, but one thing most experts also advise is that you make your teen contribute to the cost by getting a part-time job. Teenagers who participate in the expenses of their cars tend to be more responsible on the road, and off.

This article was written by Brian Davidson who is an insurance blogger and contributes regularly to the website Brian has been blogging about car insurance for over 4 years now.

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