While cloud accounting appears to be a recent creation it has actually been around since the early 1990’s. Though not everyone is aware of that, what most people know is that cloud computing has changed the way businesses handle their accounting processes. There has been a growing move by accounting firms to embrace all that […]

The bookkeeping process can be a difficult task for many small business owners, especially when it is busy season and the company is struggling to find time to complete their projects. It is common for many small businesses to struggle to keep their bookkeeping up-to-date as day-to-day operations are able to quickly outweigh the importance […]

For every small or medium sized company, cutting costs is a fundamental element of success and regardless of size and turn over, business owners the world over are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of reducing costs and increasing profits. josef.stuefer via Compfight An emerging presence in this field is the growing number of […]