Most of us here in the United States need a car to get around. There are actually 3 choices for obtaining cars; new, used, or leased. I’m throwing out leasing cars because frankly I can’t see the benefit to anyone who’s not charging it to their business to lease a car. You get it for […]

Personalities are usually being shown with the colors you want, the clothes you wear, your collections and the things you own. The choice of your car color can also impart a lot about your personality. Sometimes you want what you want when it comes to the color of your car, and even if it costs […]

I have to admit that this is a topic I wasn’t sure would ever come back almost 4 years ago. It was early in 2009 when almost every car dealership decided that leasing cars was a bad practice and ended these types of programs. At the same time though our financial world was crashing, to […]