When you hear the word “bankruptcy,” you probably have subconscious ideas about being a failure. You might think a lot of negative things about having to go this route. However, there are many positive aspects to filing, and it can be a refreshing new beginning. Here are three big advantages to filing for bankruptcy: 1. […]

Just recently, Suntech Power, the global leader in solar panels manufacturing, became one of the latest companies to succumb to bankruptcy. Whether you are running a small mom-and-pop-shop or a giant multinational conglomerate, bankruptcy is an ever-present possibility. Trey Ratcliff via Compfight Further, its adverse effects are so real that business owners must never take […]

The “b-word” is enough to send some people scurrying under the table in distress simply because of its enormous shame factor. Suffice it to say, for many people, the idea of making their personal or consumer bankruptcy public knowledge to their friends, family, faith communities, office, and city is enough to make them want to […]

For many people struggling with debt problems, the thought of pursuing bankruptcy protection can often be intimidating. Many people assume that filing for bankruptcy will result in the loss of their most important possessions, including their home and any vehicles they may own. In reality, however, many of those who file for bankruptcy are able […]

If circumstances arise and you can no longer pay your mortgage or your other bills because of your financial situation you may want to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There are a number of misconceptions about bankruptcy, especially when people are not familiar with the bankruptcy process as well as the possible benefits. Financial […]

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