business motivation

Small businesses in the US are the bread and butter of innovation; Good news for small businesses also often means good news for the country and local communities alike. While starting a business may appeal strongly to the entrepreneurial American spirit, how are start-ups and smaller businesses faring in the uncertain economic climate? One leading […]

Though I’m a month behind, I want to catch up on my 2009 financial goals to see where things are. Good or bad, goals are what they are, and it’s best to have them so you can at least know what it was you were working towards. First, here’s my list of goals for 2009: […]


In my last post on jobs, I said I was going to talk about something in the next post; this is that post. Let’s face this fact; there are a lot of jobs that have been eliminated that just aren’t coming back. Nope, nada; it ain’t happening. Let’s face another fact; manufacturing in America is […]