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Let’s face this fact; there are a lot of jobs that have been eliminated that just aren’t coming back. Nope, nada; it ain’t happening. Let’s face another fact; manufacturing in America is dwindling, and there’s not going to be a renaissance for that either. FotografieLink (CC0), Pixabay We can’t compete in this global marketplace with […]

Small businesses in the US are the bread and butter of innovation; Good news for small businesses also often means good news for the country and local communities alike. While starting a business may appeal strongly to the entrepreneurial American spirit, how are start-ups and smaller businesses faring in the uncertain economic climate? One leading […]

There are no hard rules for how to be successful. Sure, we hear of people who work upwards of 20 hours a day to make it, while some people work only 6 hours a day and do fairly well. Hard work will always be there in some capacity, which means everyone has an opportunity to […]


Forbes Magazine came out with The World’s Youngest Billionaires, and the article showed that they’re aging, but not in the manner you might think. Sure, everyone gets older, but what’s occurred is that some who were billionaires aren’t anymore, which means the average age went up. Last year, the average age of the youngest billionaires […]

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