It might seem like a strange time to be writing about Black Friday since it’s next Friday and not the upcoming Friday, and yet it just might be the right time to make it a topic of conversation while you still have something you can do about it. Kevin Dooley via Compfight In case everyone […]

Introducing a “For Sale” property in today’s market situation is risky. There’s a possibility that you might not be able to reclaim your investments if the price that you’re offering is too steep. However, there are still ways to remain competitive no matter how uncompetitive your property’s price is. Assessment. Make a thorough examination of […]

Last March I wrote about the efforts the Federal Trade Commission was putting through trying to get to change its advertising so that they had to disclose the fact that their credit report wasn’t actually free, but instead a shill trying to get everyone to buy credit monitoring services instead. They even went so […]