The Financial Times have released an online video featuring their US managing editor Gillian Tett, which goes into detail on 3 numbers which they believe summarize the current state of the US economy. The numbers are – 40% – the number of imports which are actually made in the USA. During a cars manufacturing […]

I’ve always been amazed at our government’s way of figuring out new terms to call stuff. While most of us grew up with the term “bombs”, someone was working hard behind the scenes and came up with “weapons of mass destruction”. Instead of always calling something a “tax”, someone came up with “surcharge”. Same thing, […]

It’s always interesting hearing how someone in another land views American interests, especially after already touching upon the subject in my own way. This is a British perspective; seems we’re pretty close in interpretation. Well, he did it. In one of the most closely called presidential campaigns in recent years, President Barack Obama headed off […]