financial health

The last blog post of 2015 here was related to finding ways to relieve financial stress. There are some pretty good tips in that post, if I say so myself (I do since I wrote it) but I didn’t mention whether or not any of them were part of my own financial goals. Matre via […]

What a strange year for the United States. We certainly can’t say this was the best financial year for news now can we? Truth be told all of the financial news wasn’t bad, and some interesting financial things that did happen didn’t make the top 5: SP8254 via Compfight * Many payday lenders started getting […]

It’s everyone’s dream to win a huge jackpot that will help you to pay off your house or maybe even set you up for life. While big wins like these are rare, it is more possible that you could win a couple thousand dollars playing the slots in Vegas or hitting a few numbers in […]