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Small businesses in the US are the bread and butter of innovation; Good news for small businesses also often means good news for the country and local communities alike. While starting a business may appeal strongly to the entrepreneurial American spirit, how are start-ups and smaller businesses faring in the uncertain economic climate? One leading […]

Working from home, and for yourself is a dream come true to many people and those who take the plunge and start a successful home business are usually happier and more fulfilled for it. It’s not all roses and butterflies though – it’s tough, hard work and a constant battle to actually make a profit. […]

Ebay is one of the biggest names when it comes to worldwide, internet-net based marketing. Millions of people just go there to buy and sell stuff, all kinds of stuff. But people who go there to sell do not always get the same results. Some bag in millions while some lose money by not being […]

My wife just finished putting on her third and last garage sale. She actually said that after the first one, then was convinced by friends to put on another one where she had a great time socializing with all of them, thus leading to the third. by Eastlake Times via Flickr The idea of putting […]

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