One of the main themes on this blog is helping to advise people on how to be more fiscally responsible. I talk about budgeting often because I don’t believe anyone can get ahead and feel secure with their financial situation long term without knowing how much money they’re bringing in, how much is going to […]

The tech world is growing at a rapid rate, in stark contrast to other industries. Many sectors have struggled over the past couple of years due to the recession and the difficult economic climate, but it seems that technology is leading the way for job demand. Christopher Chan via Compfight Think about it; civilization is […]

Well, isn’t this interesting? Last week’s unemployment figures and the jobs reports certainly caused quite a stir, didn’t they? Ludovic Bertron via Compfight For those who haven’t kept up, last week it was announced that the unemployment rate fell to 7.8% by the end of September, the first time in 4 years it’s been that […]