This is the typical year end post for most other people but a little something different from me. I’m only highlighting articles I wrote since I ended guest posting, and I’m also going to mention the top 5 visited posts of the year as well, which if you’re a regular visitor here you already know […]

I like doing compilation posts because it forces me to take a look back at all posts throughout the past year again to see if I’ve kept everything true to its mission which, on this blog, is financial topics. I hope that the topics have been interesting, even when I’ve gone on a rant. I […]

This is the 500th post on Top Finance Blog, and I’m proud of it. Not that I’ve written them all, but I wrote 285 of the first 350, which isn’t so bad, and since December I’ve still written 58% of the posts that have shown up on this blog, so that’s not all that bad […]

This is the 300th post of Top Finance Blog. It comes just beyond 18 months of ownership after taking it over from someone else who decided after a month that he didn’t have the time for it. I’ve been giving some consideration as to just where I believe this blog should go. I’ve written many […]

Greetings, and welcome to Top Finance Blog.  I have recently purchased this blog from Justin, the former owner who will still come by and contribute new posts from time to time. My goal for this blog is to both highlight financial news and make commentary on things related to finances of all sorts.  The commentary […]

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